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just think about it though. they’re getting older, they’ll keep getting older, and soon Rooster Teeth will disperse. One by one, they’ll retire or leave until none of the original crew is left, the dynamics are gone and replaced, the fans are fresh and have no idea who this ‘Geoff Ramsey’ is or why ‘Jack’s beard’ was a thing and “Oh, Gavin Free? Isn’t he the main guy in charge?” because Matt and Burnie are gone, they’re all gone


First of all how dare you


With each installment leaders come and go, but Ghandi is always there.
Background is the Ganges, tho I kind of want to know which part…

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fashionable prick


socially awkward Alfred.


Saw this poor baby today and my brain went, “..Marco”

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This is quite possibly the most unsettling thing in I’ve seen in Homestuck. 

It is incredibly powerful, and it invokes a feeling of emptiness and panic. In all 6,000 pages of Homestuck there has never been a time where you have truly lost track of someone. They are never lost, because somehow the narrator always manages to find them again.

The line “John Egbert has gone missing” is the realization that you are no longer in control.

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pros about best friend


she gets me good food with nice messages

bad thing about best friend


throws underwear everywhere


demonizes my easter candy


messes up my dresser, throws random things on the floor, and puts random things in cups 


I posted this picture months back and a lot of people seemed to like it uwu so here it’s transparent


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it was just an excuse to draw anatomically inaccurate torsos

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 Agent Coulson is down

#gif warning #avengers #okay but why does nOBODY EVER TALK ABOUT THE GENERATION GAP #come on guys this is the MOST INTERESTING THING #look if steve had lived through the war he would have been part of that post-wwii generation #imagine steve in the 60S GUYS #you think he would have put up with those young folks disrespecting those soldiers and his country by protesting the war? HECK NO #remember that scene at the beginning of ca:tfa where he tells off that guy in the movie theater? THAT WOULD BE STEVE IN THE 60S #and tony is in his 40s!! tony is gen x! tony is NOT EVEN A BOOMER #tony is TOO YOUNG TO BE A BABY BOOMER tony is YOUNGER THAN OUR PARENTS #tony doesn’t know what it’s like to live in a country that’s in total war! tony doesn’t know what it’s like for loyalty to your country t… #to be something that almost everyone has! #look guys we make fun of america ALL THE TIME we mock patriotism and nationalism and the usa CON STANT LY #when steve hears the word soldier he equates it with the word hero #and when tony hears the word soldier he hears an insult. #because steve’s war is wwii #and tony’s wars are vietnam and iraq and afghanistan and tony knows that when america fights wars it is not necessarily the good guy! #and steve cannot even BEGIN to comprehend that #steve barely knows what WATERGATE is for god’s sake steve probably still trusts the government #steve doesn’t know about jfk conspiracy theories! steve doesn’t know about the patriot act #(and let me remind you that in 616 canon steve actually fought a war to bring down the expy!patriot act) #god america has grown up SO MUCH since steve’s day #americans are sarcastic and cynical and plugged into the media 24/7 #americans depricate themselves constantly americans hate america more than anybody else does #pearl harbor turned america into a unified force for change in the world; 9/11 turned america into something paranoid and bitter #steve no longer represents america #he represents what america wishes it had ever been #and tony? tony understands the usa a whole lot better than steve does and he knows it and steve never will #and tony understands how war can destroy and steve only understands how it can save

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Friendly reminder that mochis can come for revenge

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The #forestnymph still hasn’t found his berries :/ But he made friends :D by Gio Volpe

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what if yao had a crush on another hetalia character so he offered the character free fine china but when the character comes over to his house to buy it they cant find it and ask “wheres the fine china” and yaos just lying there naked with a rose in his mouth and says “i AM the fine china”

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